How to Analyze a Website or Blog

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Everybody want to know the Progress of their website and how much their website worth. So here is some tools that can help you to analyze your website or blog for free. By these tools you can know your website Alexa Ranking, Google Page rank, Facebook and Twitter Shares and how Many Visitors visits in your website in a week or in a month. So we can say that these tools are very helpful for a website owner and a blogger for knowing their website progress. In this post I will share a trick with you that can help you to how you can use these tools for your business or website. So lets get Started.

The Analysis of a website is very important for every website owner, by these tools the owners can check their visitors statistics, Website Price, Hostname and how many visitors was visits in your website in previous days or hours. These tools can help to create best SEO rankings in Google and Alexa and these tools are free of charge so you can analyze your website or blog without investment.
There are many tools available in the Internet and many tools are free. so in post I will tell you about some of them such as and Use these tools and get the best results about your website. That’s can help you to create a best environment and best SEO for your website.


pagerank1PageRank is a free service and you can use this tool easily just go to the and enter your website address and then click on Get Ranked after few minutes you will get your website result. Here you can get knowledge about everything that you want know such as Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, Social Stats, Server Location and Many more and you can get how much is your website, and also know the date of registering your domain and ads earning. This is a free tools and this tool analyze thousands of website in month so you can get best SEO for your website.

SITEPRICE.ORG is also a free tool as in this website you can analyze your website by entering your website url. Just Go to the and enter your website url in the homepage and click on go button wait for some time and you get your website result with Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Search Engine, Stats, Visitors Traffic, Website Price and Many more. This tool name is but you can analyze your full website. Now Use these free tools and know everything about your website, and what is the status of your website and improve your website by the results.

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