How to Create New Admin User in WordPress Database

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If you have a WordPress blog or Website and you have forget your username, Password, Email address etc. and not able to login your WordPress Dashboard. Then this post is for you, in this post I will tell you how to create New Admin User in WordPress Database. This is important to know because sometimes you need to perform this action on your WordPress blog or Website. I will explain everything in this post about this.

Why you need to Create a New Admin User

This is a good question because before proceeding to perform this action we need to know about Why you need to create a new admin user. In the previous post I was told you that how to Change Admin username, Password from MySql Database. So if we can change our password and after changing Password or Username we can login and create a new user from our WordPress Dashboard then why use our Database for creating new User. Then answer is we need to know about it because this is a part of our WordPress administration. Because sometime if someone stole our Password and Username or Email address then we need to perform this action. After creating a new user on WordPress Database you can delete previous or old user.

How to Create New Admin User in WordPress Database

So now lets start to create a new admin user in WordPress database. For creating a new user you need to login your Hosting Control panel by using your Username and Password providing by Hosting Provider. After Login click on PhpMyAdmin. If you are not able to find phpMyadmin then make a search for it. Now follow the steps bellow.

  • Open PhpMyAdmin and then choose the Database connected to your WordPress Blog or website.
  • Now click on wp_users table (remember that wp is your Database prefix it should various).
  • After clicking on wp_users table you can see all the available users in your WordPress blog.
  • Now click on Insert menu given in the top of this screen.
  • Now a form window will be open with ID, user_login, user_pass etc.
  • in ID choose any number or leave it blank.
  • user_login fill new username that you want to create.
  • user_pass enter the new user password (Make sure to select MD5 in the functions menu).
  • user_nicename enter the Nic Name for new user.
  • user_email is the email address you want to associate with this user.
  • user_registered is the date and time for when this user is registered (Click on calendar icon and then choose the date and enter the time manually).
  • user_status it should be 0 because you are creating a new Admin.
  • display_name it is the real name of user that will be display in your blog or Website.
  • Finally click on Go button to create new user.

After Inserting new user details in wp_users table you need to click on wp_usermeta because this is not final action. You need to add some Meta Data for new user. So follow the Instructions given bellow.

  • user_id is the ID you entered in the previous step
  • meta_key should be the phrase wp_capabilities
  • meta_value should be
  • Now click on Go button.
  • Again click on Insert menu fill these values.
  • user_id is the same number you entered in the previous step
  • meta_key should be the phrase wp_user_level
  • meta_value should be the number 10
  • And finally click on Go button.

After Performing these actions you will be able to login on your WordPress Dashboard by using these details.

*Conclusion: This will be help you to create a new Admin user from your database without login to your WordPress Dashboard. I hope it will be help you. Keep this page bookmarked for more important updates about this post.

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