How to Embed Youtube Videos within WordPress Post or Page Without installing any plugin

If you are a WordPress Blogger and also an Youtube Blogger you can embed your Youtube videos within your wordpress blog or post this is very simple and you can add Youtube Videos in your post. Sometime we need to add videos in a post for User attraction and this is very important if we add videos in our post these videos will be related to the content of the post. In this post I will tell you about how you can add youtube videos in your WordPress blog step by step.

Step 1

In the first step go the youtube and open the video that you want to add your post now click on Share Button in the bottom of the Video, After clicking in Share button you get a link but do not copy this link See the following Screen Shot.

Step 2

Now click on Embed Button inside the Share button and copy the whole code that will appear in a text box please don’t make any changes in this code because if change anything from this code you will lose your Video See the following Screen Shot.

Step 2 Embed Youtube

Step 4

After copy this code click on Show more button in the bottom and choose the options that you want to show on your video with your wordpress post and then copy the code again. See the above Screen Shot.

Step 5

Now login to your wordpress admin panel and create a post where you want to add your video (Remember that when you adding the video code in your post you are using text mode of Visual editor of your WordPress) and paste the code where you want to add the video. see the screen shot.

Step 3 Embed Youtube

Step 6

After adding the code in your wordpress website click on Visual Tab and go to the Visual Editor on your wordpress and check your video will be appearing, now resize your video and then click on publish button  your video within your wordpress post.

Step 4 Embed Youtube

Now you have successfully embedded your Youtube Video and your video will be working on every device. thanks for reading this post and enjoy Youtube Blogging with your own wordpress blog.

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