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How to Transfer Files between two computers over WiFi

How to Transfer Files between two computers over WiFi
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Some times we have no any LAN Cable and Pen Drives and we want to transfer some important files from one computer to another computer but we could not do it without these requirements but at this time when the science creates history day by day then we will never want to run in the last. So in this post I will share a trick with you that can help you to transfer important files from one Computer to another computer without using any cable, Modem or Internet connections over WIFI only. If you have a WIFI enabled laptop or PC you can do it easily. For using this Service in your computer some please see these requirements.

Operating System: Windows 7 or Higher, .NET Framework 3.5, WIFI Enabled PC or a WIFI Dongle.

First Download and Install Connectify Hotspot in your PC or Laptop. This is a Paid Software but if you want to this software in Trail You can download and this software and get your thirty day free trail period. Now open it and Configure it for making a WIFI Hotspot. This software is not only for sharing files but you can use your PC or Laptop Internet connection in your Mobile Devices or other handheld Device. After configuring Connectify in your computer now go to the second computer and install connectify Hotspot in this PC Too. When Installation will completed open the connectify and configure it as your first computer now click on Start Hotspot Button in both Computers. Now your computers will work as a Hotspot go to the clients Tab in the Connectify and then click on Connectify Peers. You can see your second computer connection in this tab now connect them and start sharing your files between two PC over WIFI.

The Connectify is Very simple to install, Configure and Use so you can transfer your files between two computers anywhere and anytime and save your Money. This is a paid software so you need to spent some of money you can check this software pricing and plans at the official website of this software.

Connecify is Only for transferring your files between PCs but you can use it as a Hotspot and Share your Internet Connection with all the WIFI enabled devices. You can control the uses disable device connectivity and many more you can do with it. If you want to use your Mobile Phone as a remote control then you need it because this is better to a WIFI router and you can Save your money to buy a WIFI router. So I recommend you to buy this software from its official website and say good bye to a WIFI router. Thanks for reading this post and Best of Luck.

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