Probweb Mobile How to Hard Reset Redmi Note 4 and remove pattern or password

How to Hard Reset Redmi Note 4 and remove pattern or password

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Some Redmi note 4 smartphones have not Installed recovery mode so you can’t hard reset your Redmi Note 4 smartphones. In this post, I’m going to tell you how you can hard reset your Redmi Note 4 if you forget the password or Pattern and fingerprint would not work. Basically, we can hard reset any Android mobile phone by using the combination keys but in the Redmi Note 4 smartphone, we only got Fastboot mode. This means we can’t hard reset this phone by using the Keys Combination.

This Problem is not same in every Redmi Note 4 devices because in some phone recovery mode has been installed so we can use the keys combination for resetting the device. I got this problem on my Redmi Note 4 3GB variant and I fix this problem by using the following trick. If you also get this type of problem on your Redmi Device then you can use the following method on your Redmi Note 4 Android Mobile phone.

So, before using this trick I will recommend you to take a backup of your mobile phone and if you are inserted SDCard on your device then remove it before applying the method. Because after using this trick all the data of your mobile phone will be deleted such as your contacts, Videos, Music, and Picture also. OK, now turn off your device and turn on by using Volume Down Key+Power Button at the same time. In a few seconds, your phone will automatically move to Fastboot mode. Now you need to download Mi Unlocking Tool on your PC or Laptop. This is a free tool that can help you to reset your mobile phone without having recovery mode installed on your PC.

After downloading Mi Unlocking Tool on your Computer Extract the Zip file and save all the files in the same directory (Keep turning off your Firewall and Antivirus at the time of using Mi Unlocking Tool). Now open MiAccountUnlock Tool.exe file and connect your Remi Note 4 mobile to PC by using USB Cable. Now click on Information button on Mi Account Unlock Tool for checking the connection of your Redmi Note 4 to the Computer. If your phone connected to your Computer you will see the details of your Redmi Note 4 Device.

Now click on ByPass Mi Account button for resetting your device. After clicking on the following button your phone will be automatically restarted. Now it’s time to wait for a moment and after starting your device you can set up the phone for use.

What Needs to Do if Mi Unlocking Tool not running on your PC: If Mi Unlocking Tool not running on your computer and shows an error message then you need to turn off the Firewall and Virus Protection on your Computer and Keep Antivirus Shut Down at the time of Using this Software. This is not a Virus but this is an Unregistered software so antivirus will detect it as a Virus. So keep them Off.

What things We Need to do for using the following Method:

  • USB Cable (Use any cable that works on your Device)
  • Mi Unlocking Tool (Click here to Download)
  • Put Your Redmi Note 4 in Fastboot Mode by pressing Volume Up key+Power button at the same time.
  • Check the connection on Mi Unlocking Tool.
  • Click on Bypass Mi Account Button to reset your device.

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