Point of Sale (POS) Software offline and Online

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POS Software with all the features like Barcode scanner, Product listing, SMS service, Custom Data Management, Employee Management, Product Barcode Generator, Category wise item Information and many more.


Point of Sale (POS) Software offline and Online provide all the features for your shop, mall Medical store and other type of businesses we provide all in one solutions related to point of sale. This code is written in with the SQL server and MS Access database. So this will work online and offline.

Features of POS Software:

  • Customer, Supplier and Employee information with photo
  • Category wise item information
  • Item wise vat
  • Auto barcode generate and Manual barcode assign
  • Barcode export and Print Preview
  • Stock, Out of stock and Re-order management
  • Bad Stock Management
  • Sales Management
  • Point of Sales using barcode reader
  • Sales Return
  • Date wise sales graph
  • Collection and Due Management
  • Chart of accounts
  • Income Voucher
  • Expense voucher
  • Cash Transfer
  • User Management
  • User Permission Point to Point
  • Data Import from Excel(.xls, .xlsx) file
  • Data Backup
  • Reset Database


  • Customer, Supplier and Employee information
  • Item and Stock Information
  • Date and Category wise Bad stock
  • Date and Category wise Sales Return
  • Date, Customer, User wise wise sales, profit, VAT, Disc. Statement
  • Transaction statement (Cash/ Card/ Due)
  • Item Wise Sales Information
  • Chart of accounts
  • Transaction Report
  • Statement of Cash & Bank
  • Ledger Book

Businesses where POS useful

The POS useful for Small and medium size Retail businesses like, Restaurant, School and Colleges, Clothing, Salon, Medical stores and many businesses are exist.