WhatsApp Business app now launched in India, Now Promote your Business on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp business app now Available in India to Download. This app is best and useful for businesses to communicate with customers. If you have any type of business then you must install this app on your mobile. This app has some such features for you. Which will be helpful for any businessman to communicate with their clients. In this post, I’m going to talk to you about this new app of WhatsApp. Here you will know how to use this app and how to promote your business on it.

Before proceed to know the feature of this App you must need to install it on your Smartphone. So just open PlayStore on your smartphone and make a search for Whatsapp Business and tap on install button. After successful installation opens it, when you open it on your smartphone you will get two option on the main window of this Agree and Continue and another one is Not a Business. So here you need to click on Agree and Continue. Because this app is designed for businesses so if you have not any business you must use the Normal Whatsapp on your phone. The user interface of this app is same as Normal Whatsapp like Chats, Status, and Calls.

After clicking on Agree and Continue button you need to Enter your Mobile number. Remember that if you are using your mobile number in a Normal Whatsapp and want to use both Whatsapp account then choose a different mobile number on this app. Because if you enter the previous mobile number here your Normal Whatsapp app will be automatically disabled. So for using both the app on a Single phone, Enter a different mobile number here. After entering the mobile number here, you need to verify it. When verification completed successfully you will be able to use this app on your device.

How to Add Business Details to WhatsApp Business: When you registered successfully on Whatsapp business you need to add your Business information here. For Adding or Editing the business details you need to click on Three dotted button given at the top of your right-hand side and then click on Settings. Here you will see the new menu Business Settings so tap on it and then tap on the profile. Now, here you can Add your business information like Business Name, Business Category, Business Website, Location, Working Hours etc. and click on Save button. When you save the business details here you can view your business page.

How to Promote your Business on WhatsApp Business: The Latest app of Whatsapp is basically designed for businesses. In this app, you will get many new features like Statistics, Away Message, Greeting Massages and Quick replies. In Statistics menu you can see how many messages you send, Receive, Read and how many messages sent by you are delivered. By using this feature you can maintain the communication between your customers. In the Away Messages menu, you can set a default message when you away from WhatsApp so the customer will automatically receive this message. You can also schedule this message when you want to send it. Greeting Message option same as Away Messages option but this is the Greeting Message so you can send the Greetings to your customers when they send the first message to you or 14 days of no activity. In the Quick replies, you can send a reply to your all the customer when they send you any messages.

So, guys Whatsapp business app is best for Businesses if you have any type of business then install this app on your Smartphone and Start making communication with your customers.

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