How to Turn On Second Screen on Any Android Smartphone

How to Turn On Second Screen on Any Android Smartphone post thumbnail image

Android is a Very famous Mobile Platform today and it has many hidden functions that users would not know. In this Post, I’m going to tell you about a hidden function of Android Smartphone.

All the Android devices have hidden function to enable the secondary screen on their phone. Guys I’m talking about the secondary screen that can work alongside in your mobile phone. If you want to watch the movies on your phone in dual screen or play games in dual screen then you may use this hidden function of Android Devices.

To Enable the Secondary screen of your Android smartphone. You need to turn on the Developer Options of your Android Smartphone. You can turn on developer options by going to your Android device settings then click on About and then click on build number seven times (Some mobile phone has another setting to enable developer options so make a search on google to know how to turn on developer options).

Now Open Developer Options on your Android Device and then click on Simulate Secondary Screen. There are many screen sizes available for your Android Smartphone or Tablet so choose the screen size which one you want to activate on your smartphone. Now you can use your android phone like dual screen and also you may watch movies, Play Games and do your work on both screens. You can drag this screen anywhere on your mobile screen.

How to Turn on Simulate Secondary Screen on your Android Smartphone:

If you want to turn off the simulate Secondary Screen on your mobile phone then go to the Settings of your android smartphone and then click on Developer Options and then Click on Simulate Secondary Screen to De-activate the second screen on Android Device.

I hope you will understand how to turn on the secondary screen on any Android Smartphone. If you have any questions related to this post or have any suggestions then leave a comment in the comment box.

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