How to take backup of Facebook and access offline without Internet

How to take backup of Facebook and access offline without Internet
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Today everyone on Facebook and uses it as the part of their daily life. But you know you can use your Facebook account offline without Internet connection. Taking backup is very easy on Whatsapp Messanger and you can save all of the chats and images of Whatsapp. Now you can also take backup of Facebook account but this different to use the backup of Facebook to Whatsapp. The Facebook backup will be in HTML format so you can access it offline without connecting internet. You may also use this backup on your Mobile devices.

If you ready to take the backup of your Facebook account then here is a trick to download the backup on your device. If you are on a computer then first you need to log in your Facebook account and then click on down arrow menu gave the right side of help menu. Now click on Settings. Here you will find all the settings of your Facebook account such as username and Email address. In this window, you will also get a Link with the Name ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data.’, so click on it.

Click on Download a Copy link, after clicking on this link a new window will appear on your screen. In this window, you will get ‘Start my Archive’ button. Click on Start my Archive button, Now enter your Facebook account again and click on Submit button. Then again click on Start my Archive button. Here a new message will appear on the screen with the content of ‘We are gathering your information and will send an e-mail when it is ready for download‘. So wait for a confirmation email on your registered email address. After finishing archive of your account, your will get an Email for downloading the backup. Open the email and then click on Download Backup button to download the Backup of your Facebook account. Now you are able to use your Facebook profile offline without Internet connection. You can also check your Chats, Messages, Images and much more. Extract the ZIP file and save all the files on your computer in a Folder.

Take Backup by Using Mobile Devices: If you are on the Mobile device then open Facebook app and then click on your Profile picture on the right-hand side. Then click on Settings menu and then click on General Settings of your Facebook account. Here you will also get the link Download a Backup. So click on it and then enter your password and then click on Start Archive button. Now click on Okay button and then wait for a confirmation message or Email. After confirmation, you can download the backup of your Facebook account and use offline without internet.

How to open Facebook Backup files on Mobile Devices: After downloading the backup of your Facebook account on your mobile devices you need open it. You can use HTML Viewer app on your mobile devices. If you have an Android mobile then download and install ES File Manager. ES file manager has a built-in HTML Viewer or you can download any other HTML Viewer app for your Mobile Device and then open Facebook backup index file with this HTML Viewer app.

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