How to Root any Android Device

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Some Android Application may required root in android device if your device not rooted you can’t run this type of Application. So if you want to run these application on your android device and your device is not a rooted device you can use this trick for make your phone or tablet rooted. This is Very simple and you can root your device yourself. In this blog I will tell you how you can make root for your android device easily.

Fist you need some of these Software’s and Drivers

Download Mobozenie and install it on your PC

Download Your Device Drivers from manufacturer Website.


In the first Step Download and Install Mobozenie and your Computer for download this software go to and download. after download successful open it by double click on the downloaded file and install it. Now Download your Device Drivers from manufacturers website and install it. Then connect you android device by USB Cable and Go to the Device Settings.

After going to Device Settings and click on Developer Options and then click on USB debugging and check on this option. Now wait for sometimes and when Mobozenie install some required application on your device such as Mobozenie for android and Mobozenie Helper these files are required for Mobozenie Desktop.

When the required application installed on your device the device will be connect automatically on the Mobozenie Desktop now click on Toolkit on Mobozenie. And you can see all options for your mobile or tablet now go to the Advanced section and click on One-Click Root and then click on root now and wait for some time until the Process Complete.

Now your phone rooted successfully enjoy these are free apps and software for your device so you can use these software for unlimited time

How to Uninstall Pre-Installed Application from Android
If your Device Getting slow by the pre-installed applications on your device you can uninstall these applications by the trick. This trick is only for if you want to uninstall pre-installed application and your applications are unused every time. Some pre-installed application are paid and you don’t want to pay for these games and application you can uninstall them. If you want to uninstall first make root your device by the above trick and install an application called Link to SD and open this app on your device and then tap on the application that you want to uninstall then go to the write corner and click on gear icon and uninstall your application. Now your application will be uninstall.Enjoy!

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