How to Turn your Laptop or PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

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You want to use your LAN or PC Internet in Your Mobile Phone, Iphone or in other WiFi Devices Then this post is For you. In this post I Will tell you that how you can use your Computer internet connections in Your Mobile Phone or other Devices and what are requirements for using this service. The Requirement are simple and in your budget. So Let Get start for making a WiFi Zone in your Home or Office.


The following requirements are most important for turning your PC or Laptop into a Wireless Wi – Fi Hotspot. So check them….
Operating System: Windows 7 or Higher, .NET Framework 3.5, WiFi Enabled PC or a WiFi Dongle, Internet Connection.


Before creating your WiFi zone you need to download and install Connectify from its official website this is Paid software but you can use this 30 days free trail and enjoy 30 days without any charge and if you want to buy this software you can buy it from its official website. This Software can create you WI-FI Hotspot and you no required any technical knowledge.

After Installing Connectify on Your PC or Laptop double click on its icon and open this software. Now type your hotspot name and choose a password for safe it from other user and then choose an Internet Connection for share.

Now go in the Advanced Setting and choose a LAN Card which you want to sharing your Internet connection in Share Over Drop Down Box and then click on Sharing Mode drop down box and choose a sharing mode.

When you done all the above process then click on start Hotspot button now you create a Hotspot and enjoy the internet anywhere at your Home or Office this hotspot Range is 40 to 50 meters and this connection is very safe. You will see all the connected device on your hotspot you can block them or disable their connectivity from your laptop or PC. That’s it.

Now you are ready to use your computer or Laptop Internet connections in Your Handheld Devices as Mobile, Tablets etc. You can block the devices Connectivity or Disable them So you can use fast internet. Thanks for Reading this post and enjoy using your PC or Laptop Internet connections in Your Mobile Phone or Tablets. If you have any questions about this post you can leave a comment for us.


Connectify is a Windows Software that provide you to make your laptop or PC and use as a WIFI Hotspot and you can enable or disable internet connectivity for the connected devices in your hotspot this is very powerful and safe.

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