How to turn off Automatic Windows 10 Updates

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Windows updates are very important for every windows user because by the updates users get all the latest features providing by the Microsoft but sometimes many Windows users face problems of Data loss from windows updates. So in this Post, I will talk about how to turn off Automatic Windows update feature on Windows 10.

As I say in the above lines that windows updates are always important for every windows user because Microsoft always adds some new features on Windows that can make computing easy. So always keep updated your windows to use new features of windows.

I need to write this post because many windows users ask to me how to turn off windows updates (Automatic). Because they are facing data looses Problems. Automatic Windows Update is a hidden feature of windows. And if you have not enough Data on your Internet connection or you are using your mobile internet connection on your PC by creating a personal hotspot then you will also get the same problem of Data Loss. So there is only and single way to save data that is turn off automatic windows updates.

For turning off Automatic windows 10 updates on your computer you will need to open Control Panel on your PC and then click on Administrative Tools and open it. In the Administrative services, you will get all the services list here now drag down and find Windows Update double click on it and then select Disable from the Drop Down menu and then click on Apply button and click on OK. Control Panel > Administrative Services> Services > Windows Update.

Now all the Automatic Updates process will be disabled after doing this. But we recommend you to keep your computer updated with the latest updates of windows providing by Microsoft for better computing.

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