How to Repair SD Card or Pen Drive

How to Repair SD Card or Pen Drive
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If you are facing problems on reading SD Card / Pen Drive on your Computer or Mobile Device or Other Device then your SD Card / Pen Drive will be damaged. In this Post I will tell you how you can Fix this type of Problems or Repair your SD Card. This is a Simple trick to repair SD Card. But Before proceed to start repairing SD Card / Pen Drive I want to tell you that this trick will not fix every problems of your SD Card but this will work if your SD Card have any Chances. Now if you are ready then lets get started…

How to Repair SD Card or Pen Drive

First you need to open ‘CMD’ on Your computer. For open CMD just press Windows Key+U or Right click on Start menu and Choose Run. Then type CMD on Run dialog box and press Enter.

Now you will see Command Prompt Window, here you need to Type ‘DISKPART’ and then press enter. You have prompt by windows security then click on Yes button. Now an another Command Prompt window will be appear. Here you need to type ‘LIST DISK’ and then press enter. Now you can see the list of Disk available or Attached with your Computer. Now Type ‘SELECT DISK 1’ remember that Disk 0 will be your system disk so use select it and if you have attached more than 1 SD Card / Pen Drives on your computer then first your need to check the disk size then select the Disk. After selecting the Disk your need to type ‘Clean’ to clean your Disk now again you need to type ‘Create Partition Primary’ for creating a new partition for your SD Card / Pen Drive. After Creating the new partition your need to type ‘SELECT PARTITION 1’ it will select the partition of your SD Card or Pen Drive. Now again you need to type ‘FORMAT FS=FAT32′ here FS stand for File System so if your want to format your SD Card or Pen Drive in Fat-32 File system then you can change it on NTFS, Fat or whatever you want. Now press enter. It will take a long time to fixing your SD Card or Pen Drive Problem. After completing the process you will be able to use SD Card on your mobile device or other devices. 

Main Commands for Repairing SD Card:
DISKPART = Open Disk Part Window
LIST DISK = Check the Available Disk on Computer
SELECT DISK = Select the Disk Number
CLEAN = Cleaning the Disk Partition
CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY = Create new primary Partition
SELECT PARTITION = Selecting Disk Partition
FORMAT FS=FAT32 = Format Disk in File System Fate 32

So I think this post will be helpful for you. If you have suggestions or feedback then please leave a comment on comment area. Keep Bookmark this page for Latest Updates about ‘How to Repair SD Card or Pen Drive’.

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