How to Protect your WordPress Content from Copy Paste

How to Protect your WordPress Content from Copy Paste
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Many People ask me to how to disable right click or how to Protect their post content from the copy paste. So I have a solution for them and they can easily protect their content from the copy. In this post, I will tell you ‘How to Protect your WordPress Content from Copy Paste’.

Why do you need copy protection on your Blog or Website

If you write your articles with your hard work and want good rankings on engines for it, then you need to do this. Because sometimes your post is copied and put on another website or blog. If this happens then your website’s ranking and your visitors go to the website where it will be copied that can be a threat to your blog’s SEO. So you have to do this work for your blog’s ranking and SEO.

How to Protect your WordPress Content from Copy Paste

There are many methods to protect your content from the copy. So just follow the below steps and you can do this without any issue on your blog. These are the easiest method for doing this.

Method: 1 Protect Copy by using WordPress Prevent Copy Paste Plugin (Lite)

This is the easiest method to protect your WordPress content. In this Method, you need to install WordPress Prevent Copy Paste plugin on your WordPress dashboard. It is a very small plugin but very useful. There are 1000 downloads available for this plugin and it has 2.5 Ratings on WordPress. You can install this plugin by using your WordPress Dashboard and then activate it.

After activating WordPress Prevent Copy Paste plugin on your WordPress blog. Go to Settings > WordPress Prevent Copy Paste and click on this Menu. There will be two options available Posts Protection and Home Page Protection now choose Enabled from the drop-down menu and then click on Save all Settings to apply protection on your blog. This plugin will disable right mouse click and also disable all the shortcuts like CTRL+X, CTRL+A and CTRL+C on your blog to save your content from copy paste.

Method: 2 Protect Content by using WP-CopyProtect Plugin

This is another simplest way to protect your blog content from copy paste. In this Method, you need to install WP-CopyProtect Plugin in your Administrator area. WP-CopyProtect WordPress plugin has 40000+ active users and it has 4.5 ratings on WordPress. So this is a popular WordPress plugin to protect your content.

After successful installation of this plugin, a new menu will appear on your WordPress Dashboard with the name of WP Copy Protect. So click on this Menu there will be many options available. Choose the best options and then click on Save Settings button to apply the protection on your blog. In this plugin, you can Exclude or Include your users, Admin and Logged in Users. You can also activate or De-activate text selection on your blog with WP Copy Protect.

Method: 3 Protect Content by using WP Content Copy Protect & No Right Click Plugin

This is a Most Popular and easy to use WordPress plugin for protecting your blog or Website. WP Content Copy Protect WordPress plugin will help you to keep your content save from copy. In this plugin, if anyone will copy your Text content or Images from your blog it will apply a Watermark with the copied content. This plugin will disable all the shortcuts like CTRL+C, CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+S, CTRL+U (for source code) and CTRL+V. This plugin will also disable the right mouse click. For installing this plugin on your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugin and make a search for WP Content Copy Protect and then click on Install button.

After Successful install of WP Content Copy Protect, plugin click on Settings and then click on WP Content Copy Protection. After clicking on this menu a new window will be open with the settings of this plugin. Here you can choose the best options for your blog.

Conclusion: After installing one of them you can protect your WordPress Content from copy like Text, Images and other media. I recommend you to use WP Content Copy Protect Plugin to keep save your content because this is very easy to use the plugin and it will help you to disable every activity that will use for copying content. I Hope you understand about “How to Protect your WordPress Content from Copy Paste”. This article will help you if you have any queries related to this topic then leave a comment. Keep bookmark this page for getting latest updates.


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