How to make Multilingual Blog or Website on WordPress

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Do you have a WordPress Blog or Website and you want to make it multilingual then I have a Good news for you. You can make your Blog or Website powered by WordPress, Multilingual. By making your website multilingual you can write the content of your blog in multiple languages and you can also create the subdomain of your blog with the preferred languages. So if you are ready to make your blog multilingual in a few easy steps then follow the below instructions.

Before Proceed to make your blog multilingual you need a Plugin for your WordPress blog that called by the name of Polylang. Polylang is a WordPress plugin that can convert your blog in multilingual and as I say you can create multiple subdomains for your languages. This is a free plugin for the lifetime. Download and the Polylang WordPress plugin and Install it on your WordPress blog.

By using this WordPress plugin you can change your WordPress blog in 2 multiple languages there are all the favorite languages available on this plugin and this plugin available free of cost.

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After installing this plugin on your WordPress site you need to go to on languages settings by clicking on languages menu given at your left-hand side now choose the language which you want to use on your WordPress website or blog and then choose the default language of your posts. Remember that choose the default language that you previously used on your posts.

If you want to manually add languages to translate your theme then click on String Translations sub menu given under the Languages Menu. After clicking on this menu you will get all the strings translations here. Type the translations here in your language then click on Save Changes button.

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Now if you want to create the subdomain for your languages then click on Settings and then click on URL modifications here you will get all the types of URL available for your blog or Website. Choose the best option here and click on Save changes button.

So, I think this post can help you to create your blog or website multilingual. If you have any questions or Suggestions related to this article then leave a comment.

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