How to Install Android Application in laptop or PC

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Everyone want to install Android application in there PC and want to enjoy Android Apps and Games in there computer so in this post I will tell you about how you can use and install Android Apps and Games in your PC with this trick. Before using this trick you need to install BlueStacks Software in your PC.

Bluestacks software allows you to use android application in your PC but it doesn’t support sensor. I mean if you want to play games as car racing or temple run the tilt function will not be available in this software. But the matter is how to install and use android application in your pc.

Please read this post from start to end for knowing how you will be able to install android application and games on your computer step by step.

Before downloading bluestacks software you need an active internet connection for installing this software so make sure that you have an internet connection because you need an internet connection for downloading some extra data for running your android apps.


Download and install Bluestacks on your computer PC or laptop or you can download offline installer for saving your time. After successful installation run this software in your pc or computer and install some android apps on this software. You can download APK files from the internet and install them.


Now when the bluestacks software are installed in your computer and you want to use whatsapp with the bluestacks software so first download and install whatspp apk from its official website now run whatsapp and verify your mobile number. The OTP will be come to your mobile that you was used in your pc whatsapp. Please make sure that the number you are going to use with this whatsapp is not available in any other whatsapp account.


Download and install temple run on bluestacks and then run the game. You can play your game buy using your mouse as screen touch and jump with the mouse but the tilt function will be not use in this software because the computer and laptop have not the sensor for using this function.

Now you will be able to install android apps and games on your pc and use them with using this software. Thanks for reading this post please keep update with this post for getting more stuffs like this.

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