How to install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step Tutorial

How to Install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step Tutorial
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If you want to install a plugin on Your WordPress website then this article is for you. The plugins are great tools to add new features to Your WordPress blog or Website. Such as add Ads, Slideshow, colorize your theme, new custom fields etc. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available for your WordPress. So, if you want to add new features to your WordPress by using plugins then read this full article and you will know everything about ‘How to install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step’.

How to install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step Tutorial

If your blog on and you are using a free version then you can’t install new plugins on it. For installing new plugins on your you need to upgrade your plan to business. So before proceeding to install plugin upgrade plan into a business plan. Without upgrading, you will never see plugins menu on your dashboard.

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog or website then you can add and install new plugins without any circumstances. In this article, I will show you How you can install a Plugin on self-hosted WordPress. There are three popular methods available for installing the new plugin. So I have covered all the methods such as Search Plugin Method, Upload and Manually uploading using FTP or file manager.

How to install a Plugin on WordPress by using Dashboard Plugins Search

This is an easiest and popular method for installing new plugins on WordPress website. In this method, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard by using your username / Email and password and then go to Plugins > Add New. Here you will see a search box, in this box type the name of Plugin which you want to install. After typing the name of the plugin you will see a search result. In this search result, you can choose the plugin which you want to install. Now click on install button and then click on activate. By using this method you can install any plugins in a few seconds.

How to install a Plugin on WordPress by using Upload option

This is another method for installing a new plugin on WordPress. if you have saved a less than 5MB file size plugin file on your computer then you can try this method.  In this method you will need to go to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. This will open Plugin search page, On this page, you get a button ‘Upload Plugin’. So click on this button and then choose you plugin .zip file saved on your hard disk and then click on Install Now button to install your new plugin.

How to install a Plugin on WordPress by using FTP or File Manager

If you have a large plugin file saved on your computer then you can use this feature for installing that one. In this method you need to open your FTP client and then redirect to the plugins directory of your WordPress Root Directory of WP > wp-content > Plugins. Here you can upload your plugin. After uploading, open your WordPress Dashboard and then click on Plugins Menu available at your Left-Hand Side. Your uploaded Plugin will be listed here. You can activate this plugin to use on your WordPress Website.

If you want to upload your Plugin by using your Host File Manager then login to your Cpanel account and then click on File Manager icon. This will open File Manager on your Browser now click on htdocs or Public_html directory. Now choose the directory where your WordPress installed then go to wp-content > plugins. Now you need to click on Upload button given at top of this page, choose the plugin file and click on upload again to upload your plugin.

Now go to your WordPress dashboard then plugins and activate your uploaded plugin.

How to Manually Activate an Installed Plugin on WordPress

if you have an Installed plugin for your WordPress by using FTP or File Manager upload feature and you don’t know how you can activate it. Then follow this step, first go to the dashboard of your WordPress then click on Plugins Menu. Here you can see the list of your Activated and non-Activated plugins. If your plugin listed here then just click on Activate menu link at the bottom of plugin name to activate for your WordPress.

So, Now I think you will understand all the methods of “How to install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step”. But if you have any queries related to How to install a Plugin on WordPress then leave a comment. Bookmark this page For getting latest updates on this topic.

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