How to increase database upload size in phpMyAdmin of Xammp Server or Wamp Server

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Do you want to increase the database upload size in phpMyAdmin of Xampp Server and Wamp Server then this tutorial is for you. Sometimes we need to upload more than 2 Megabyte of size because if you have a large blog on the internet then your database size will be more than 2 MB and if you want to put your online blog to offline then you need to upload your database in your localhost computer by using phpMyAdmin of Xampp Server or Wamp Server.

So guys if you want to do so then you need to edit your php.ini file of your Server (Wamp Server or Xampp Server). First of all launch the server on your PC and follow the following  instructions.


If you have installed Wamp Server on your computer then open this software and then click on its icon available in taskbar and then click and open this file in your default text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++ now find the lines post_max_size and upload_max_filesize by default it will looks like this.


Now replace the number 8M and 2M to that size you want just like post_max_size=100M and then save your file now thats it you have done!

Now you can upload your database more than 2MB on your localhost web sever this is very simple and easy to use. But you remember one thing after save your file you need to restart your server once again.


If you are using Xampp sever as your localhost server then you need to follow the instructions given bellow.

First of all start the xampp server on your PC and then click on config button given at the front of Apache and then click on PHP (php.ini) now your file will be open in your default text editor that you select at the time of installing xampp on your computer. Now find the lines as given in the Wamp Server settings and apply your custom settings on this document after that save the file and restart all the services of Xampp Server. Now you done! all the process and you will be able to upload more than 2MB of size database on your localhost machine.

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