How to Change Username of a WordPress Website – The simple way

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If you want to change the Username of Your WordPress Blog or Website then this article is for you. The Username of WordPress website cannot be changed after once created. But in this article, I will show you ‘How to Change Username of a WordPress Website – The simple way’. In this article, I will tell you about most popular methods for changing the username of WordPress blog or Website.

Method 1: Change Username by using Change Username Plugin

This is a Very easy method for changing the Username of a WordPress blog or Website. In this Method, You need to download and Install Change Username WordPress Plugin. After installing, activate on your WordPress blog or website. Now click on Edit Profile Menu given at the Top of your Right-Hand side profile icon. Now you will see your WordPress profile page. In this Page, you will see a new link with the of Change given in front of your Username, click on it and change simply change the username of your WordPress site. After changing the username you will be redirected to the login page so, now log in with the new username of your WordPress site.

How to Change Username of a WordPress Website - The simple way
Change Username by using Change Username Plugin

Download Change Username WordPress Plugin

Method 2: Change Username by using Username Changer Plugin

How to Change Username of a WordPress Website - The simple way
Username Changer WordPress Plugin

This is another simple method to change the username of the WordPress site. In this Method, you need to install and activate Username Changer plugin on your WordPress Blog or website. After installing and activating this plugin go to Settings>Username Changer menu on your WordPress dashboard. In this page you can change the user role and also send an email to notify about Username has changed. For changing the username by using Username change Plugin, Go to the profile and then click on Change Username link given at the front of username. Click on this link and change the username.

Download Username Changer WordPress Plugin

Method 3: Change Username by Creating a New User and Deleting Old one

This is another easiest method to change Username on a WordPress site. In this method, you need to create a new user and delete the old user from your WordPress site. So, First create a new username with the Administrator Role and then go to the Users>All Users and then click on Add New button. Now fill all the required information such as new username, Email, Password in the given form and Click on Add New User button. Now delete the first User while you deleting the first user WordPress will ask you to What do you want to do with the old user content. Make you have clicked on Attribute all content to:’ If you did not click on this option the content of old user will be deleted. Now choose the New Username in the Attribute all content to:’ option and click on confirm the deletion. Now you have changed the username successfully.

How to Change Username of a WordPress Website - The simple way
Change the Username by deleting the old User

Method 4: Change Username by Using PHPMyAdmin

This is method is a little bit complicated in this method you can change username directly from WordPress Database. I don’t recommend this method if you are a beginner. You can use this method if you have forgotten your WordPress Email, Username, and Password. In this method, you need to open the control panel of your hosting server and then click on phpMyAdmin. Now choose the database where your WordPress installed. If you don’t know the database name of your WordPress then open file manager on your Hosting Control Panel or open FTP client software and then open WordPress installation directory. Now open the wp-config.php file and find the database name in this file. OK, now you know the database name open it in the phpMyAdmin and click on wp_users remember that wp_ is a prefix so this is not same in every WordPress database. Now click on Edit link given in the username table and change the username. Now you have successfully changed your WordPress username.

How to Change Username of a WordPress Website - The simple way
Change Username from phpMyAdmin

Conclusion: Now I think you have to understand “How to Change Username of a WordPress Website – The simple way”. I don’t recommend you the Method 4 if you are a beginner. If you have any query about this article then leave a comment. Keep this page bookmarked for latest updates on his topic.

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