How to get back your lost Android smartphone

How to get back your lost Android smartphone
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If you lost your Android Smartphone Recently and want to get it back. Then there are few simple steps to get it back. As we know every Smartphone users use their Google Account on their phone for Downloading New Apps and Games from PlayStore, Reading Email, Google Drive and for other works. This Google Account is Very Important for Every Android Smartphone User. So if you created a New Google Account on your phone then you need to remember the login credentials of Your Google Account.

In this Trick, we use our Google Account to Get Back lost Android Smartphone Again. If you have a Google Account and you have remembered your Google Account Login Credentials then Go with me to find your lost Android Smartphone.

First, you need to go to the website on your Laptop or PC and log in with your Google Account that you used on your lost Android Smartphone. If you are on another smartphone then go to the PlayStore and download Find My Device Android App on another phone. (Click Here to download Find My Device Android App) and Login with the Google Account with Email and Password.

After entering the Google Account login credentials you will see your Smartphone recent location on Google Maps. Here are Two options available for you on your Right-hand Side Play Sound and Enable Lock and Erase. If you think that your smartphone is near around your then you can Use Play Sound to find your Android Smartphone. By Using this options your Smartphone will ring continuously for 5 Minutes So you can find your phone by hearing the sound.

If you think that your Smartphone is not near your and it is lost and want to keep your phone Data safe then you can use Enable Lock and Erase feature. After clicking on this feature you will get two options Lock and Erase.

Lock: If your phone is not locked and want to keep your Data safe and Private then use this feature after getting back you can easily remove this lock from your Android Smartphone.

Erase: If you have saved Very Important Data on your phone and don’t want to show anyone then you can Erase your Phone. After using this feature all the Data of your Smartphone will be deleted.

I hope this post will help you to get back your Lost Android Smartphone. If you have any questions or suggestions about this post then leave a comment.

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