‘Delete for Me’ Feature Launched on WhatsApp know how to use

Recently, WhatsApp has announced that it will soon be launching the ‘Delete for Me’ and ‘Delete for All’ Features on the beta version of WhatsApp. This feature is now also available on your phone. After this feature, any group admin can delete a message from their group only for themselves. However, if they want, he can delete any message for everyone. Here we are going to talk about how to use this new feature of WhatsApp.

To use this feature of WhatsApp, you have to install the Beta version of WhatsApp on your mobile phone. If you are not a Beta user of Whatsapp, then you will not be able to use this feature on your phone. This feature will be available on your mobile after installing beta version. To use this feature, you can go to any group or contact and select any message, after clicking on the delete button above. Here you will see two types of options: ‘Delete for Me’ and ‘Delete for All’. You can delete a message through both of these options. After using ‘Delete for Me’, you will be able to delete a message only from your mobile, but if you are a group admin and you do not want to show any message to any other user, you can use the ‘Delete for All’ option. . This is a great feature, so now any group admin can manage the messages for themselves or for everyone on their mobile phones.

How to be a Beta Tester of Whatsapp

WhatsApp does any feature to test before launch. And this is why Whatsapp launches the Beta version of WhatsApp first. If you are not a beta user then you will not be able to use the new features of WhatsApp first. Beta users are those users who give their feedback after using WhatsApp new features. This gives WhatsApp information about how its new launch version is. If you want to join the beta testing program, you will first need to enter your email address on the given form after clicking on the given link (Become a Beta Tester of Whatsapp click here). And after clicking on the Become a Tester button you can join the beta testing program. When you join, you will see a new Beta tab on your phone’s Play Store where you can download the new version of Whatsapp. And you can use Whatsapp’s new features.

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