Basic and Important computer shortcuts did you know

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We live in a new era where the computers are playing a big role in every sector. And for access computer smoothly and quickly Shortcuts play a special role for us to run the computer, either open the software or to get the information of a selected file or folder. With the help of shortcuts, you can access your computer very quickly.

If you use shortcuts to access the PC, you will like a computer’s professional. In this post, we are going to tell you about some similar shortcuts that can be helpful in working on your computer. I suggest You read this entire list of shortcuts for a better understanding.

In this post, We will know about the basic shortcuts of the computer which are always necessary to work on the computer.

If a window is open in front of you and you are doing work on that then by pressing ALT + F, you can open the file menu of that window.

With this, you can open Active Window’s Edit menu.

ALT + Tab
If you have multiple software open on the computer, you can switch to that software with the help of this shortcut.

To get help in any Windows programs

Rename a selected file.

To refresh the computer.

Ctrl + N
To create a new blank file in a file editor like software such as Office Word or Photoshop.

Ctrl + O
To open a file.

Ctrl + A
To select all the files or written text.

Ctrl + B
To make the selected letters bold.

Ctrl + I
To Italic Selected Characters.

Ctrl + U
To underline the selected letters or words.

Ctrl + F
With this shortcut, you will have a found window open with the help of this window you can search for any word or letter in the open window.

Ctrl + S
To save an active file

Ctrl + X
To cut a file or text, you can also call it Move.

Shift + Del
To cut a selected file or delete a file or folder without sending in Recycle bin.

Ctrl + C
To copy a file or text.

Ctrl + V
To paste text or file.

Shift + Ins
To paste.

Ctrl + P
To print an open file.

Ctrl + Esc
To open the Start menu.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc
You can use this shortcut to open the Windows Task Manager.

ALT + F4
To close any active windows.

ALT + Enter
To view the selected folders, files, shortcuts or any other file’s properties.

So these were some basic shortcuts of the computer that can help you while working on a computer, and stay with this website to learn more about shortcuts. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not forget to tell us through the comments so that we can make this website more helpful for you.

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