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Arvind Singh is a Web Developer / Blogger and Also a Youtuber. He Explores what's possible with WordPress, Blogger, Mobile Phones, Web Development and shares his Knowledge with the Readers.

How to Change Username of a WordPress Website – The simple way

If you want to change the Username of Your WordPress Blog or Website then this article is for you. The Username of WordPress website cannot be changed after once created. But in this article, I will show you…

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How to install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step Tutorial

How to Install a Plugin on WordPress Step by Step Tutorial

If you want to install a plugin on Your WordPress website then this article is for you. The plugins are great tools to add new features to Your WordPress blog or Website. Such as add Ads, Slideshow, colorize…

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How to Setup Adsense Auto Ads on Blog or Website Step by Step Tutorial

Adsense Auto Ads

Google Adsense is one of the Greatest ad networks in the whole world. There are many Alternate ad networks available, but they are not like as Adsense. On February 21, 2018, Google Adsense launched Auto Ads for everyone. This…

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How to add Bookmark link on WordPress Posts

Creating an Anchor Link on Wordpress Posts

If you have writing long content posts with many important Headings then you always need to create an anchor link for these Headings. If you also think about it then in this post you will know all the…

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How to customise Jetpack Subscription widget for WordPress

Jetpack Subscription Widget Customize

If you are using Jetpack plugin on your WordPress and want to put a Subscription widget on your blog with your own customization. Then in this post you will know all the important things for customization of widget…

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