How to add Footer notification bar on WordPress blog

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WordPress is a very best blogging platform because it has all the options that user wants to make a professional blog. So in this post, we will talk about how to add footer notification bar on a WordPress website blog.

Before starting this process you want to know about why notification bar is important for a blog so let me explain sometimes the website or blog owner announce some important and useful post for the user. For-getting reached to more people on the website, it will important to show notification bar on the website. The user would not surf all the pages available on a blog. So they would not get your important page on your blog. By using notification bar, the notification bar will be available everywhere on a website or a WordPress blog so if you want to announce any important post or notification then you need to put a notification bar on your blog.

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For making a footer notification bar you need to install a plugin on your WordPress website That name is WPfront notification bar. After installing this plugin click on activate button. The plugin will be installed and activated on your WordPress blog, now go to the WP front menu at your left-hand side and click on it. Here you will get Two options all plugins and notification bar, click on the notification bar and go to the form window. This plugin is very small and it has the best user interface. Everyone can use this plugin easily. Now click on checkbox button given at the front of enable menu to enable this plugin on your WordPress blog, now select your position where you want to place the notification bar you can fix it as sticky bar display on the scroll. Here you will get many more options that can help you to make your notification bar better. drag the page to the end and choose where you want to show notification bar on your WordPress website or blog now type your message text and click on display button, rename your display button by entering the name in the text box given on this page. If you want to place an URL on this notification bar area then click on button action and then click on radio button given at the front of open URL. Paste your URL into the text area. Choose the colour, you can enter your custom CSS code here. After doing this click on save changes button, That’s Good! now you have successfully activated a notification bar on your WordPress blog.

So I think it will help you to make a Notification bar on Your WordPress Blog. If you have any question or Suggestions related to this post then leave a comment under the comment box.

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