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Creating an Anchor Link on Wordpress Posts

If you have writing long content posts with many important Headings then you always need to create an anchor link for these Headings. If you also think about it then in this post you will know all the things and also know what need to do to for creating anchor links for important heading on your post for fast access. If you ready to create anchor links on your  WordPress post then follow the below steps.

There are many plugins available on the internet and all of the difference from one another and all of them works differently. You can use these plugins for creating anchor links for your important heading. Here is a plugin that can do it without any issues. This plugin’s name is Table of Contents Plus.

For using Table of contents Plus plugin on your WordPress blog first you need to login to your WordPress admin panel and then click on Plugins to install Table of Contents Plus. Now type table of contents Plus on the search box of plugins windows and then click on install button and then click on activate. After activating it on your WordPress blog click on settings menu given on the left-hand side and then click on Table of Contents for setting it on your blog now choose a heading. Remember that here you need to choose the Heading that you every time use to create a Heading on your post. After choosing the Heading like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 click on save button.

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Now when you type the Heading with the format that you used on the setting of Table of Contents Plus setting page, always a content table will be automatically created in your post. Now you blog users easily go to the heading by clicking on the links available in the table of contents screen on the post.

How to Create an Anchor (Manually):

If you want to create an anchor link manually for important Headings or subheading then you need to follow the below steps. In this step, you just need to remember a shortcode for creating an anchor link.

So first you need to create a hyperlink with the link that you want to use on your post like #yourlink. Check the following link.

Anchor name

After creating the hyperlink like above, select the Heading you want to link with the anchor and click on the first word of the line or heading. Check out the following code.

<a name="#yourlink"/a>Heading Line is Here.

In this code, you can see here is the link name available with #. So when you create an anchor link on the heading you need to remove # from the code so the page can sense the link which you want to create. After adding the code like above you will see an anchor icon where you applied this code.

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