How to Turn your Laptop or PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot


You want to use your LAN or PC Internet in Your Mobile Phone, Iphone or in other WiFi Devices Then this post is For you. In this post I Will tell you that how you can use your Computer internet connections in Your Mobile Phone or other Devices and what are requirements for using this service. The Requirement are simple and in your budget. So Let Get start for making a WiFi Zone in your Home or Office.

How to Root any Android Device



Some Android Application may required root in android device if your device not rooted you can’t run this type of Application. So if you want to run these application on your android device and your device is not a rooted device you can use this trick for make your phone or tablet rooted. This is Very simple and you can root your device yourself. In this blog I will tell you how you can make root for your android device easily.

How to Transfer Files between two computers over WiFi


Some times we have no any LAN Cable and Pen Drives and we want to transfer some important files from one computer to another computer but we could not do it without these requirements but at this time when the science creates history day by day then we will never want to run in the last. So in this post I will share a trick with you that can help you to transfer important files from one Computer to another computer without using any cable, Modem or Internet connections over WIFI only. If you have a WIFI enabled laptop or PC you can do it easily. For using this Service in your computer some please see these requirements.

How to Analyze a Website or Blog


Everybody want to know the Progress of their website and how much their website worth. So here is some tools that can help you to analyze your website or blog for free. By these tools you can know your website Alexa Ranking, Google Page rank, Facebook and Twitter Shares and how Many Visitors visits in your website in a week or in a month. So we can say that these tools are very helpful for a website owner and a blogger for knowing their website progress. In this post I will share a trick with you that can help you to how you can use these tools for your business or website. So lets get Started.

How to add Your favorite language in a PC


You can change your computer Language easily. If you want to read and write content in your PC in your own language then, you can change it easily. Language is a very Important Part of communication and if you want to share your thoughts in your own language you can also do it. Everybody want to use computers in their own languages and it is very useful for every user because in our own language we can understand computers very well. So in this post I Will you how you can change your computer language by some easy steps.

WhatsApp Top 20 Most Amazing Tricks


Some people asked me how to use whatsapp without phone number or without sim card. So started searching. As a result, I found many tricks but none of them works for. So I try to make my own tricks and I got 100% success. If you like my trick then don’t forget to share.

The Best Blogging Website in The World


Do you want a website or Blog if yes then these websites for you. In these website you can create your website for free and add your posts, Media and many more they will never make any charges for these service if you want to create a free website for Blogging purposes then you can use these websites and save your a lot of money. In this blog I will tell you about which blogging website is best for you.

How to make a website by using these some easy steps


Website is a most important part for getting popularity for your business. if you are a business owner and want to grow your business day by day and want to get new customer. Website is very helpful to you for getting new customer’s for your shop or business. In this post I will tell How you can create your business or personnel website easily by these some easy steps.

How to make a Blogger Website for Free!


You are a Blogger? Do you want to Create Your Blog Online?, Do You like to write Blogs? if these questions, answer is YES, then you need to create a blogger Website. This is a free service provided by Google. If you want to create a blogger account, you need to first create a Google account and then you able to create to a blogger account for free. In this post I will tell you about how you can create a Blogger Website or Blog Step by Step.