How to write on UC News App and how to earn money from it


If you are an Android user then you must have used the UC News app. This is an app where you can read any type of news, Choose the category which the kind of news you want to read. here you will get a lot of categories Whether entertainment or educational. But do you know that you can work on this app as a journalist and earn millions of money from it if you do not know about that then read this post completely and we are going to tell you how to write your articles on this app And you can earn money by writing few articles?

To write this app you will first need to create an account in UC News Media Program. You can click on the link given below and you will be entered in its Media Program and make your account very easily.

Click here to create an account

After clicking on the link given above, click the Join Now button. Now you will have a new window open in this window you will be asked for your e-mail address and password. You have to fill both, then fill out the Captcha code and then Click on the checkbox next to the Terms and Conditions then click on the Continue button.

After this, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. You have to open your e-mail and confirm it. Now you have to fill all of your details here. Remember that you have a PAN Card, It is necessary or you can use someone else’s Pan Card, but you have to create an account with the same name as given on Pan Card. After filling the full details on this form you have to submit this. Now you have to wait 24 hours. It can take even longer, you will have to wait until your account will be approved, when your account is approved, you will get a message on e-mail about confirmation.

How to write your first article

If your account has been approved, then first you have to type on your computer or mobile browser if you are accessing it on your mobile device then you have to activate the Desktop View on the mobile. So that your mobile phone can download the desktop version of this website, after opening the website, sign in by filling in your e-mail address and password. Here you can see the dashboard of your account and know how many of your followers or Views and how much money you have earned.

To write an article, you have to click on the Post Menu, here you will find the button of New Post, once again click on it. Now you can type any of your posts in this new window. It is exactly like the interface of Blogger where you can get UC news editor, so now by giving the title of your article in the title text box and in the text aria, your will need to write your news. You can save any news on here and then click the Publish button. If you wish, you can also see its preview. Let us know that your news will not be published immediately because UC News team will check your article first and then publish it after approval, so do not worry.

How To Enable Monetization

To make money from UC News, you have to monetize all of your articles. For this you must first have at least 2000 views on only any one of your articles, then you will be able to earn money from it or else not. If you have more than 2000 views on any one of your posts, then first click on the menu of income and then click on the Ad Monetization option and click the radio button at the front of the Terms and Conditions and click on the submit button one more time.

How much money you can earn from here-

Let us know you that money depends on the quality of your articles and it also depends on how many views are on your post and how many people clicked on your ads, as long as no one clicks on your ads then you can not get any money from here. So if you have best articles and many people read your articles then it is possible to you get clicks on your ads.