How to Change or Upload Backup a Blogger Theme with easy steps

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Before this, we have told you how you can create your own blog by creating an account on Blogger and how to write pages and posts on it. By the way, it is very easy to change the theme of the blogger, but if the focus is not given, then this work gets a bit upset. In today’s post, we will tell you how you will change the theme or design of your blog. So let’s start and know how we will do this work.

Step 1

To change the blogger’s design, you must first log in to your Blogger account. When you log in, you have to select an account. After selecting an account you will have to click on the theme which will be on the menu bar on the right.

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Step 2

After clicking on the theme menu, all the themes available on Blogger will be available. You can select any of them. For this, first, click on the preview button where you will be able to see its live preview. After viewing Preview click on Apply to Blog button. Your theme will change

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How to Change or Upload Backup a Blogger Theme with easy steps
How to Change or Upload Backup a Blogger Theme with easy steps

If you have a theme already available and have saved on your computer and want to upload it to your blog, first click on the Backup / Restore button. Here you will find two options: Download Theme and Choose File. If you want to download an active theme back to your blog on the computer, click on the Download Theme button. And if you want to upload a theme, first select the theme you want to upload. This file should be in XML format, after selecting it, click the Upload button.

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After uploading the file, the theme or design of your blog will change. Now you can customize this theme if you want and change it accordingly.


So we hope you have learned to change the theme of Blogger, but if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post, please tell us through the comments so that we can make this website more helpful.

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